current project (FWF Else Richter Programm):

Interactions in Anthropology: Frankfurt and Vienna before the mid-20th century – 
The cultural historical approach as a common denominator during times of crisis and totalitarian regime


completed project (FWF Lise Meitner Program) - Summary

The project “Professional Networking and Connections of the Viennese ‘Völkerkunde’ Institute with the ‘Altreich’ (1933-1945)” should be viewed as an addition to the on-going FWF-project “Upheavals – Collaborators, Defectors and Outcasts: Socio-Cultural anthropology at the University of Vienna during the Nazi period”, which is carried out under the supervison of Prof. Andre Gingrich at the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology in Vienna.

Within the scope of the project about the Networking and Connections of the Viennese “Völkerkunde” Institute with the “Altreich”, it will be determined how the various relationships between Viennese and German scholars and researchers of Völkerkunde and the corresponding German institutes and museums developed during the Nazi period, both before and after 1938. Interactions of the German Research Foundation (DFG), the German Anthropological Association (DGV) and the Berlin Society of Anthropology, Ethnology and Prehistory (BGAEU) are also included in the research. 

This project is funded by the FWF as part of the Lise Meitner Program.